2024 IATSE VFX Return to Work Survey

After a historic year featuring client and vendor-side workers internationally putting aside their fears and demanding a voice on the job and a home in IATSE with our entertainment coworkers, we are again asking for your work history from the past year.

Our goal is to create a more sustainable VFX industry for all, and for workers to have a seat at the table to exercise consent over their own life. And of course, we hope to use this information to understand where folks are working and how to connect you to your coworkers to find collective solutions to our problems.

We are asking that you complete the poll below for your most recent show worked on in 2023 or early 2024, whichever is most current. In order to ensure the authenticity of this survey, we need to collect contact information for all respondents. We will not be publishing any personal information. VFX Union volunteers plan to follow up with survey responders, which is the cornerstone of our campaign. Click here to view last year’s results: https://vfxunion.org/2022-survey-results/.

Please note, this survey is intended for workers based in the United States and its territories. If you are a VFX Worker in Canada, we have a survey specifically for you here: https://canada.iatse.net/vfx-survey/

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Thank you for participating in the survey!

Great work completing the survey. The more responses we get, the the more accurate the results will be. Can you commit to sharing this with 3-5 of your contacts? Survey link is https://vfxunion.org/survey

Once this poll closes the results will be tallied, anonymized, and distributed in summer 2024 by email. Be sure to follow IATSE and the VFX Production Group on Instagram, as results will be published there as well!

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